Thufferin Thoriathith

Psoriasis Wridden Elbow

See this?  Yeah.  That’s my left elbow.  I have PSORIASIS.  Can you say that big word?  I prefer to say it just like Sylvester: Thoriathith.  Makes it sound not so disgusting.  I’m not sure which is worse: the embarrassment of it during short sleeve season when acquaintences all ask if I have poison ivy; the constant nag of the burning intense itch of it which makes me look like a monkey going ape shit (no pun intended); knowing that it is never going away; trying to find clothes to hide it on the most sweltering hot days of summer; the fear of not knowing if it will be all flared up at an upcoming occassion when I would least want it to be; or the look on people’s faces when they see it.  It’s all horrible.  If you have it all over your body and not just on your elbows like I do, I pray for you, really.  I’m sorry.  I hear lots of people with MS have it.  Do you or do you know someone with MS and Thoriathith?  When it flares like this for so many consecutive days, it has historically been an indication that an MS flare is just around the corner.  And my eyes have been achy.  It almost feels like I have a sore on my right eyeball, but I do not see anything on it when I look in the mirror.  It even burns a little.  And, this morning, I realized that I have been making some very poor split-second driving decisions.  I’m not taking risks that I would not ordinarily take, but my depth and timing perception seems to be a bit off, and I’ve been hesitating when its too dangerous to hesitate.  I’m aware of it, and the first step to recovery is recognizing and admitting to your loved ones that you have a problem.  So, here I am admitting it to you–whether you love me or not.  If it seems to be persistent or getting worse, I’ll alert the powers that be about my newfound, behind-the-wheel concerns. Here I go again: itch, itch, itch, itch, itch.  Oh, and what you see in this photo is nothing compared to the thoriathith flares I would get before being on Tecfidera.  My elbows always had patches of something bleeding oozy, dry white and crusty and, okay, so I will stop there.