Honored for Life

 So, today marks a very special day in our lives.  Fifteen years ago today, a baby was born to my husband and I, and we fell in love all over again and we instantly fell in love with her.  At that moment, I felt like the most blessed and luckiest person alive to be entrusted with such an amazingly beautiful baby.  Seconds after birth, she was placed on my chest and in Chris’s arms and she looked directly into our eyes.  She looked straight in my eyes, and then redirected her and looked straight into Chris’s eyes.  As if she could not wait to finally see us and if we resembled her in any way.  That very moment was the defining moment in our lives that made us parents of an obviously spirited child.  What a wonderful joy she has been to us.  Never ceasing to make us proud.  I have a fifteen-year-old.  Who would have ever thought?  If only my mom were here right now to see her.  She would be beaming over her I just know it.  Those two had such a special relationship.  Almost as if they were two peas in a pod.  My baby girl bonded with my mom immediately and my mom gushed over her always.  It was almost as if they already knew each other.  When my mom passed in 2011, baby girl was just weeks away from her twelvth birthday.  We had spent that previous Thanksgiving with my parents, and baby girl spent all of her time right next to my mom cuddling with her on her bed.  They ate chocolate Hershey bars together, sang songs and watched Dirty Dancing on the VCR together.

  Today at 6am as she got out of my car on a snowy (it ALWAYS snows on her birthday–even the day she was born), dark morning, I blew  to her kisses and wished her ‘happy birthday at school day’ as she peered in from the darkness outside to make eye contact with me by dim overhead lights in my car, and replied, “Thanks Mommy, and thank you for giving me life.”  Then she shut the heavy car door, which always reminds me of a vault door slamming shut.  As she stepped up on to the bus, my jaw hung open.  I have never heard such beautiful words in all my years.  She thanked me for giving her life.  She did not hear me, but I said aloud to myself “no, really, I’m honored for you to be in my life.”