Pound Salt

Two days ago, my SIL called to tell me about an article she had read of scientific research which linked dietary salt consumption to MS flares. Followed up by her telling me, “so cut down on your salt.” While I so very much appreciate her looking out for me, I’m not going to cut out salt or stop using it. In fact, while preparing dinner this evening, I munched on tortilla chips dipped in salsa–both very salty and delicious. After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, grabbed my iPad, got comfy on our luxurious leather sofa.

I opened Facebook for the first time today, to see that a dear friend posted to me what is probably the same article that my SIL spoke about, except I know that the friend fully read and understood the article for what it was. It was not a warning nor did it provide a definitive result which would lead to thinking about lowering your salt intake to avoid a flare. Protecting yourself from complications due to high blood pressure, yes, but not to avoid a flare. If it were that simple, that information would already be known, and although people would still have MS they would be completely flare-free. And, I’m so tired of the people who claim that flares will diminish if I tried to have a lacto, ovo, wheat, meat, eggplant, tomato, coffee, tea, chip, chicken wing free diet. I’m not tired of my friends and family, I’m tired of all the infomercials and healthy living websites aimed at startling into submission.

And, here is something to think about…if reducing salt avoids flares, what would MS then be? Here is the article, should you be the slightest bit curious about it: http://www.everydayhealth.com/news/high-salt-diet-ms-attacks-is-there-connection/