Finding An Axe In Greenwich Village

Okay, so this past weekend surely proved itself to be a good one.   It began with a train ride to NY and two concert tickets.  My bestie and I had plans to see a concert hero of our from the past.  We even joked about the possibilities of which 80’s band would he have as an opening act.  So we met up at the hotel.  Her bags were already in the room and since she had worked that day, she had quite a large suitcase compared to mine, which made me giggle because she is usually the minimalist, and I am the hoarder.  However, her suitcase–which I later found out–was full of merchandise from the photo shoot she produced during the day.  It was all fun.  And we found this great store–sort of.  In Greenwich Village.  An outdoorsman’s or outdoorperson’s store.  It contained high end rugged wear and survival items.  Like very expensive axes.  In NYC.  How many expensive, artful axes could they possibly sell?  And to whom?  I must say that I picked up an AMAZING button-down luxurious cotton shirt as a souvenir which I do not regret one bit. Check it out if you ever find yourself there. Or here: