Does MS Make for a Good Cop or Bad Cop?

I plan to write more of my opinion about this story later, but I could not resist getting it out there immediately.  I can think of at lease five reasons of “why” it may not be such a great idea for this guy to be a street cop with the NYPD, however, I can also easily give at lease five reasons to hire him to maybe take a support position with the NYPD maybe as a detective at a job with minimal traveling and, of course, he’ll need a comfortable chair and, of course air conditioning–and lots of it.  If he is looking to be out and about patrolling the subways and navigating the miles and miles of stairs during the hot summer or extreme cold everyday, then I have to say that this is not a job for him.  More to follow later.

A Stray Gray

And no, I’m not talking about a cat.  This morning, after meticulously examining each of the 350 silvery roots of hair on my head, and then attempting to color them in with this cute little “in between” coloring stick, I noticed something else while my nose was within an inch of the bathroom mirror.  At first, it startled me.  There was no way it could be.  No one warned me about this, so you could imagine the shock I was in when I found a strand of gray in my left eyebrow.  It’s true.  It happened.  I really found a gray eyebrow hair.  As if dealing with silver roots were not bad enough, now I may have to color my eyebrows, and not just for a fun fashion statement.  After all, who wants to look in the mirror and see their eyebrows turning gray?

While rummaging through my cosmetic bag for the tweezers–which there was a strong possibility they may not have been there since my 16 year-old keeps ‘borrowing’ them–I realized that it was not just any ordinary eyebrow either.  It was extra long and curvy.  Sort of a rogue single hair hiding in my eyebrow, and it didn’t quite blend itself in with the others too well.  I yanked that thing out so fast and furiously that I thought for sure I was bleeding.  Then, it lay there on the bathroom counter and I cursed it.  How dare such a thing even consider that it would be acceptable to grow on me.  I banished it by washing it down the sink drain–with hot water–on my husband’s side of the bathroom counter so that it could not find its way out and find me the next time I am brushing my teeth.

And, so you have it.  I plucked the stray gray and washed it right down the drain.  That stray gray is gone for good.