Bucket List

See the Eiffel Tower.

Visit the Coliseum in Rome.

Look out of the tiny windows on The Bridge of Sighs to see what the prisoners saw.

Seriously finish the quilt I’ve started for Chris.

Reconnect with relatives I’ve neglected to contact.

Sew binding on 3 quilts.

Make Christmas Gifts.

Start a scrapbook for my second child.

Add pages after the first 6 months’ of 1st child’s life scrapbook.

Get rid of stuff I don’t need.

Figure out why I need so much.

Return library books.

Cut carbs out of my diet.

Buy a juicer.

Eat more fruit.

Bake bread.

Give away bread machine.

Donate 50% of books in house.

Why do I need so many books anyway?

Send a happy postcard to old friends.

Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Get help reducing book collection.

Decide to practice Yoga again.

Improve my memory.

Climb up and walk amongst the spires of Il Duomo in Milan.

Gather, Label and Organize momentos from my mom.

Change my sluggish lifestyle.

Get energy from somewhere.

Host a party.

Arrange for a family portrait.

Send out Christmas cards.

Arrange for gifts for nieces’ and nephew’s graduations.

Weigh pros/cons of telling dad I have MS.

Get courage to tell my dad I have MS. I never got courage enough, but told him by mistake, so then he knew.

See Pompeii

Visit David at the Uffizi

Visit the Hermitage

Tell my dad I have MS. So much for planning. On evening of 7/20/12, I slipped and told him I picked up dinner from the hospital on my way out of there to bring home for the kids. When he asked why I was at the hospital I had to surrender and tell him I had an MRI of my spine. Why?  To look for lesions on my spinal cord. There. It’s out.

See the Vatican.

Call one of the only two of mommy’s cousins who are still alive.

Make a quilt from mommy’s scarves.

Visit Venice, again. And, again.

Stare at sewing machine.

Stare at Serger.

Start a block of the month for 2013-2014  x2

Organize Dad’s personal stuff that I have floating around in a shoebox and a drawer and a folder

Wish I could call my dad and have him answer the way he did before his mind slipped away x2

See Germany

See Austria

See Greece








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