Encountering the Equinox

Photo on 9-22-14 at 12.36 PM

View from kitchen table right now.

It’s a Monday.  Not just any Monday, but the Monday which marks the beginning of the week (actually five days) I have to prep our home for a neighborhood party.  For me, the beginning stages of getting the place ready (it really isn’t bad at all–in fact, just surface organizing) means that I have to sit here at the kitchen table just to think while gazing out the window and crunch down (lunch) on some chips and salsa (my guilty pleasure).  It’s perfect thinking weather–outside.  I am inside.  Ooh, I think I’ll make a pumpkin/floral display like I did a few years ago when my parents were here for a hurrication.

The Fall Equinox will be here this evening just after 10:00pm.  So, this is sort of the first Monday of Fall, as well.  A thought just popped into my mind to go with a bit of a Fall theme for the party (I never claimed to be a genius).  These gatherings are a monthly event in our village and we take turns rotating and volunteering our homes for the evening.  Block partys, bunco, book clubs, walking club and play groups are something very commonplace when you live on an Army Post.  Neighbors become family.  Our family has been extremely fortunate to have and have had some great neighbors who we will always welcome back as neighbors again–if you are reading this, and lived by us at some point and we were friends, you are indeed welcome back too.  If that does not make sense to you, then you probably don’t understand the military life of moving or not moving, but having your neighbors frequently move away–and then being somewhere long enough to actually see former neighbors move back.  Our is a unique situation because we have been on this Post waaaaaayy too long by most (okay, all) standards.  Oh, and we are sort of hosting this event at our house with our immediate neighbors and, since they have a brand new kick-ass RV and my husband has a Harley, and the neighbor two houses down has a camper, we decided to give our cocktail party the theme of a Recreational Vehicle Show!   An alley runs behind our house (we are five houses in a row with nothing but woods behind us), and we have invited all the neighbors from the rest of the hood to park their RV’s or motorcycles out back.  How many RV’s, campers and motorcycles could actually be in our neighborhood you ask?  We will see.  We’ve had a good RSVP, I just hope people actually participate and bring theirs to show off.  I’m thinking of playing the music of the 1950’s–which should be easy through Pandora or iTunes Radio.

Photo on 9-22-14 at 1.10 PM

Heap of Junk on Kitchen Counter

The air is crisp and the sky is bright blue–perhaps you can see a glimpse of it through my kitchen window photo?  My husband is TDY for a few days, which usually means I will stay up too late and NOT sleep very soundly.  My sleep neurology is really wacky, so I take meds to stay asleep (not meds to fall asleep), and when my man is away, I take a quarter of a dose because I will otherwise sleep so soundly that neither I nor one of my five alarms would be able to wake me up on time to get the kids where they need to be in the morning–like, school, for example.  We picked up two giant, potted, yellow mums this weekend and I’ve set them symmetrically on the front stoop (‘porch’ if you are unsure about ‘stoop’).  I’ll need a clean sweep of the countertops in here, and ideally, I should clean out the coat closet in the front foyer.  Nothing says, “Welcome To Our Home,” by not having a proper place for your guests’ jackets and coats.  Just look at the mess on that section of counter.  Notice the spot in front of the bat phone?  Yep, you guessed it, that belongs to my husband–a barely noticeable teeny, tiny stack of envelopes and a notebook.  My side is complete with 3 different purses so I’ll always be able to quickly match an outfit before I walk out the door (actually, the beautiful black leather favorite is upstairs for some reason today).

Fall brings about an energizing motion of cleaning and organizing.  I’m hoping I get that kick in the butt any minute so that I’m not scrambling to do everything on Thursday or worse–Friday morning.  That would suck if I procrastinated that long, but it would not be the first time.  After all, I’d like to have the entirety of my ‘thinking’ done before I can even start doing.  Just they way I roll.