Making Progress

So, I’m still getting ready to host the neighborhood party tomorrow night. The thinking I started on Monday is slowly turning into a situation where I’ll shortly run out of time to think and have just enough time to actually do what I’ve been thinking about. And what better way to prepare for a party than by treating myself to a pedicure?
Our house is clean and the yard looks as good as it could with the cool evenings of Fall and the drying up of summer flowers and foliage. Yesterday evening, I cleaned the cement patio. Yes, I come from a long lineage of patio and sidewalk washers. I’m sure it started in Sicily, made its way to Brooklyn, NY, Florida, Long Island (as if it’s it is it’s own state), Pennsylvania, and alas, here in Virginia it has descended on me. Oh, and my oldest sister in Florida gets high on having a clean patio too. I just don’t like to be surrounded by cement or bricks which are stained. And besides, how could I have the neighbors over without first scrubbing the ground with a gallon of bleach and a broom. And, oh, the power of the “jet” on the dial of the garden hose nozzle really cleans things up. While quilts that need to finished and possibly started float through my mind, I scrub the back door too. If it weren’t pouring rain today, I would have scrubbed the front door just before I left the house for this fine pedicure I’m enjoying.
While on the ride here, I had WTOP news on the radio. I had to shut it off. Holy shit is our world in a mess. For fifteen minutes I forced myself to listen to the news about serious turmoil everywhere which is dividing nations by religion. “Serious turmoil.” Is turmoil ever not serious? It’s frightening and fucked up all at once. I’m careful right now to project a neutral stand on politics. What good officers’ wife wouldn’t? However, our president has not maintained our Nation’s long-standing stellar reputation that our country is a force to be reckoned with, and that scares the day lights out of me. Sure, I worded that phrase improperly , but not turning back. Ooh, this foot massage is good.
I still have wine, beer and grocery shopping to do, but not necessarily in that order. And, have to settle on what main dish I will be preparing. I’ve thought about it–don’t worry–just have to choose which one I’ll make. And now, during this amazing/ pressure-point filled foot massage, the fear of more deployment for our friends, acquaintances and a jillion other American military members is swirling in my mind.
I plan to take photos tomorrow evening. It will be a happy time I just know it.