So Much For That

Great news for me today!  A visiting nurse (Bonnie) just left my house after teaching me to use the new Avonex Pen auto-injector.  Who knew giving myself an injection would be this easy!   Just as I got used to giving myself the injection with the 21G  1  1/2″ long needle I am able and trained to now use the auto-injector with the 25G 1″ needle!!!   This is groundbreaking news for Avonex users because the Pens have only been on the retail market for 3 months!!

Yep, that’s right–My immune system picked the best time in pharmaceutical technological advancement to attack my brain and spinal cord.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Much different from the time I was told—during the week of diagnosis—that it was the worst possible time of year for MS’ers with the fast approaching scorching hot Virginia summer looming and all.  Yep, the sun’s heat does do a number on my head, general well-being, and  causes some more temporary blindness, but  heck, nothing compares to the excitement of being able to use the Pen to inject chemicals in my body.