Help Wanted

I think I need a personal assistant. A secretary. An aide. Someone willing to keep me on task, maybe share the driving and occasionally hang up clothing in my closet and keep my fabric and craft supplies organized while I’m being creative. A fairy godmother. Yes! That’s it–A Fairy Godmother.  Anyone interested in applying for the job?

That darn Lenten Challenge is just looming overhead and still, nothing gets done around here.  Aside from my usual driving (well, a little less today, because a very dear heart drove Bella home), a doctor’s appointment for Gi, a bit of laundry and some appointments made via telephone, it looks as if NOTHING is accomplished here.  And those few things that I did actually do, were not difficult tasks.  For three weeks now (oh, longer–who am I fooling?), I have been looking around this house in total disgust of our gluttony.  We have too much stuff.  We save too much stuff.  There is so much stuff here, that it is sometimes difficult to find the items we need.  I’m overwhelmed.  And, if I have not already typed it–I keep having visions of what life will be life when we are fully organized here, but can’t do anything about it.

So, in order to conquer and gain control of this house, I’ve decided to put an ad out for a Fairy Godmother.  It’s the best idea  I’ve had since I hired professional personal organizers to help me unpack when we moved into this house.  However, I’m not sure where to post the ad.  Do I make a flyer and pin it to the bulletin board in Starbucks?  Do I click my heels together three times?  If only it were that simple.  Oh, and I can’t hire those ‘professional’ personal organizers again.  They charge way too much loot.  They are very nice and really helped me get on my feet when we moved in, but they charge by the hour–with a minimum of two hours–which includes their travel time to and from my house, or back and forth from Goodwill, the thrift shop or garbage dump.  Really.  I paid more for those ladies to help me (and it was money well-spent because I could not have done it myself) than most people spend on total moving costs.  They worked magic here–just like fairy godmothers–but I can’t hire them again.  I can, however, hire someone at $15 per hour, but I would not know where to look.  I’m a private person, so I would not ask a friend or neighbor to refer a hire, for fear that my new fairy godmother would squeal and tell the friend or neighbor that I have enough fabric to piece and bind 75 quilts, too many books to read in a lifetime, and enough clothing that I could wear two different outfits per day for 365 days–without repeats.

Who is this person and how do I get her here?