Wild acquire Bryzgalov, with Backstrom shut down – The Washington Post

Wow, the writer of this article certainly found a disparaging way to report recent changes to the Minnesota Wild lineup (by the way, we are fans of  hockey in this house–always rooting for the NY Islanders or whichever team is playing against the NJ Devils).  I posted an earlier article which I found to be spirit-boosting for myself and perhaps other MSers would find it that way as well.  The article gave a brief, uplifting synopsis about the goalie for the Minnesota Wild, Josh Harding–a recently diagnosed MSer–having an incredible season.  Wait…(do you hear the arm of the record player loudly scratch across his gold album?)…today, the Washington Post shamelessly ‘prints’ this article– shamelessly written by Dave Campbell of the Associated Press–which is struggling to completely blow the role model image I see in Josh Harding.  Shame, shame.  Yes, the writer does in fact claim that the General Manager of the team, Chuck Fletcher said, “Backstrom (the backup goalie to Harding) nor Harding will be healthy enough to mind the net again this season…” (I just heard another loooong scratch across a record album).  Could these be the manager’s true words, or are these words simply strung together by the writer?  Shame again,  if this were crafty writing tactic to completely shed a negative light on all those mentioned in the article.  The other player, Backstrom, is rehabing from severe player-related injuries and of course, Harding, is in the midst of “his best season ever” proudly showing the world that MS can just fuck off and die.   If the written words are true, did Fletcher really state that Harding will “probably finished in the fall, too,” ?  How dare he speak on behalf of Harding?  If there is anything a disease inflicted person would despise more, it would be hearing (or reading) someone else speaking on their behalf in a negative tone.  His slanderous choice of words could be career ruining for this guy who is boldly and publicly working to defy the crushing force of MS.  Again, if these words are true, I hope that Harding uses our justice system well to keep him from ever spewing such harsh words in the future.  Just because a sports figure, or anyone else, went public with his or her diagnosis, it does not mean that it is okay for their employer (or the Wild’s General Manager, who represents this team/employer/NHL) should publicly announce how they project their employee’s personal business will affect business.

Wild acquire Bryzgalov, with Backstrom shut down – The Washington Post.

Even Professional Athletes Can Have MS

It’s day 3 of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sotchi, Russia.  I’ve been channel surfing–er, a, er um, make that ‘sports channel’ surfing for the times, dates and players on the U.S. Hockey Team, and found this bit of information about the goalie for the Minnesota Wild, Josh Harding.  Here he is, having what they are calling the best season of his career, after a recent MS diagnosis.  I love to read good stories about MS victims defying the disease.  So encouraging.  And, he is committed to giving financial help to MSers who may not have the ability to pay for the good drugs, or even their food or utility bills.  Good guy, Josh Harding, keep the momentum.

Oh, and I still can’t figure out exactly who will be on the U.S. Team, it seems like all the great NHL players will be representing their own country’s’ team.   http://www.cbssports.com/general/writer/gregg-doyel/24379572/no-miracle-that-harding-is-having-his-best-season-after-ms-diagnosis