Not Feeling Those Good Vibrations

Good or not, seems like I can feel the blood vibrating through my veins.  All the time.  More so, when I’m stressed or tired.  I try to explain this to the doctor, and she looks at me with her eyebrows raised and a half of smile.  Really?  There’s that word again.  Wow, I have never heard any of my patients describe it quite like that before.  I get it.  So, I told her how it is.  Imagine if you will, resting your hand atop some good old fashioned amped up stereo speakers–kind of just like the set in my family room that I don’t think my husband will ever be able to part.  Now, crank Led Zeppelin.  Kashmir.  Crank it up baby.  Feel that vibration under your hand that permeates and reverberates through your whole self?  It’s just like that.  So, when I say I can feel my blood boiling.  Or, if I say, this tingling is driving me nuts.  That’s what I’m talking about.