The Lenten Challenge:40 bags in 40 days

This past Tuesday being Mardi Gras, a neighbor had asked me what I plan to give up for Lent.  I explained that I don’t usually give anything up, but I instead choose to give more during Lent.  Whether it be by volunteering more of my time, adopting a family to help, making meals or donating pantry items for Christ House.  I do indeed do more during Lent and plan to continue with that.

This year though, living with purpose and intent must be important to me becasue I keep dreaming about accomplishing goals, running through finish lines and being in the best shape of my life.  Do you know what it’s like waking up in the morning thinking you’ve just finished runing a half-marathon, are 30 pounds leaner and live in a harmonious well-organized home only to look around and be reminded that none of this has happened and you’re still fat, disorganized and not sure what your purpose in life is?  Well, even if you haven’t, that’s happened to me twice this week.  I can only interpret these dreams to be a sign from God that I should get off of my ass and live more purposefully.

Although it is Day No. 4 of Lent and I have not done anthing of the sort, I plan to challenge myself to 40 Bags in 40 Days.  I got my inspiration from my friend, Kristina, who tagged this blog on her Facebook:  White House Black Shutters.  Wow.  If you could see my basement (it causes me anxiety, panic and dizziness), you would agree that I am the perfect candidate to take on such a challenge.  It will benefit many, many people.  Obviously, my family will reap the benefit of the decluttering and de-chaosing, but others will as well, because there is a lot of good stuff and clothing down there that I will be giving away.  As usual, it is taking me a  few days just to sort through the brain clutter and plan my attack.  I printed the list linked on the blog but at this point, I know it will take me too long to figure out what to write, so I have to just jump in.  I’ll take pictures as I go, but not good ones because I can’t spend too much more time focusing on the production as I have already lost four days.  And, yes, I will still give time, food, quilt blocks and assistance to others along the way.